Life Studios USA: Artist Artist: Heather Collins Artist painting commissioned portraits in a temporary public location.

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Heather Collins’ Biography

Inspiration can come from a thought – a riveting idea that one needs to express – or it can command your visual attention with it’s breathtaking beauty. The excitement of a new creation waits patiently while the necessary questions are answered; what medium and color palette; what size and composition; to paint ‘live’, photographed, or both? Then the inspiration is borne from the heart and mind into physical being as the paint and canvas are readied. The first stroke bursts the empty surface, and the peaceful struggle begins.


Sacred Art throughout the centuries and it’s rich heritage of beauty, is a deep love of artist Heather Collins. She uses over 20 years of experience painting traditional portraits, to create Sacred Art with a Pro Life message. Heather feels called to create these works of art, and she is in the process of working on a collection of Pro Life paintings in oil paint on linen. There are a series of videos being produced that discuss the meaning of the art and the symbolism relating to the Pro Life message. She hopes to bring the light and beauty of Christ into the darkest area of the culture.

Heather also combines the Sacred Art of the Masters with daily prayers and scripture posts, and she  live streams her works in progress on she and her husband’s sites: The Blessed Virgin Mary, The Catholicity Channel, Jesus Mary and Joseph, Saints and Angels, Immaculate Mary, All to Jesus Through Mary, The Blessed Trinity, and Life Studios.

Life Studios USA: Artist Artist, Heather Collins. Photograph of artist Heather Collins painting commissioned portraits at her easel at a temporary public location.


Portraits have been a joy in the life of artist Heather Collins for many years, and she finds the human face one of the most beautiful and inspiring subjects to paint. She also loves to paint animals and nature. She has worked steadily as a commissioned, traditional portrait artist using the mediums of Oil and Acrylic Paint, Soft Pastels, Charcoal, Pencil and Pen and Ink. Heather has worked in both private and public studios, and has attended many exhibitions and events. The television series “Portraits In Pastels” was produced to show Heather’s work as she taught the art of painting portraits with people in live sittings, with a variety of development of the art, and the use of several different techniques.

Caricatures are so much fun! Heather enjoys combining her love of the human face, with the spontaneity and challenge of a public live sitting, to create Caricatures that people will enjoy. Heather has done work as a Caricature Artist at schools for graduations, corporate events, festivals, and exhibitions. Heather also does Studio Caricatures that express more detail, activities or backgrounds, and can be done from photographs and given as gifts.

Illustrations have provided another way to express ideas in a simple yet vibrant format. Heather is working on a

Life Studios USA: Artist Artist, Heather Collins. Photograph of artist Heather Collins in a studio location painting an oil paint portrait from the photographs she took of Father John at the pulpit in the Cathedral.


Children’s Book Series illustrated with lovable little characters that will appeal to children. Illustrations have been useful for Heather when she has taught art classes over the years, both in group classes or individual classes. From simple Pro Life Signs to more detailed projects, illustrations in Acrylic Paint bring versatility and practical application to different areas in art.

Study Sketches are a very important area in the creative process for Heather’s art. They are the foundation to express the inspirations for a painting. Study sketches help Heather to build the composition of a work of art. On the other hand, they are also a wonderful way to express the beauty of creation working spontaneously from life sketches. Many times when the family is out in nature, the sketchbook and pencils are brought along, and this type of sketching is a peaceful relaxation from the ‘hard work of art’.

Homeschooling Mother and Artist, Heather Collins, is deeply grateful for the gifts of faith, life, and creativity, both within her art and her family. Her children are the most amazing works of art that she has ever experienced, and her husband is a pillar of faith and devotion. The Collins Family moved to America from Canada when the children were very young. Heather was preparing to start painting portraits in their new location, however, during prayer she was very inspired to create a series of Sacred Art pieces with a Pro Life message. The process to continue these works of art over the years, has been a journey of balance between homeschooling her children, and growing as an artist from traditional portraits to full scale compositions of original art. There are several pieces that have come to completion in this body of work, but there are other works that are still in progress. The Collins Family has recently made a move to Titusville, Florida from Atlanta, Georgia, and eventually she hopes to resume and complete the Pro Life series in their new location. Throughout years of homeschooling, working on the development of the Sacred Pro Life Art, and their recent move to Florida, Heather is running low on the resources she needs to be able to dedicate her time to the Sacred Pro Life series. She will need to appeal for sponsorship of this project and/or to balance the original artwork with pursuing commissioned portraits and caricatures.


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Life Studios USA: Artist Artist: Heather Collins Artist painting "Precious Life Within" in oil paints.

Painting in Oils

Heather’s goals:

*to complete the Sacred Pro Life Art series

*to have the ability to reproduce the art to fulfill the many requests for prints of the work

*to complete the video series being produced that will discuss the meaning of the art and the symbolism relating to the Pro Life message

*to display and discuss the completed body of work in both a live and online art show.

*to begin work on new inspirations for Sacred Pro Life Art.


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